GIVEAWAY POST: Have the Time of Your Life with Feld Entertainment’s Marvel Universe LIVE!

I mentioned it last week — parenting was just different in the ’80s. We didn’t know what we didn’t know — we knew you’d likely eventually need glasses if you sat too close to the TV screen, but all the ailments and disorders we’re all too prepared to label children with today were virtually unheard of. And without the fear of social and developmental disorders, my childhood schedule was peppered with Saturday morning cartoons; marathon sessions hammering away at video games*; and maybe most importantly, as I grew older and understood more, I spent tons of my time at school, home and the local shopping mall reading, talking and immersing myself in comic books, learning much of what I know about storytelling now through their pages.

*Seriously, ask my Dad sometime about how many TVs we burned through. One of his favourite rants.

Even so, as you grow older your tastes change — I moved from the likes of Spider-Man and Batman to more mature titles like Preacher, Hellboy and Transmetropolitan, always looking for amazing visual narratives that’d succeed at keeping my attention.

Which is why in ways it feels like I’m coming full circle with Marvel Universe LIVE!

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GIVEAWAY POST: Getting Geared Up for Fatherhood with Future Shop!

Casey Palmer and Son in Varadero, Cuba on the Beach Chilling
We only look relaxed. Really, we’re just worn out from the roles we play in life. But it’s all love.

16 months into fatherhood, I barely remember what stressed me out in the beginning. The nights of worrying whether he’s still breathing, tip-toeing through the nursery to check his diminutive frame in the crib gave way to hoping he’d sleep in long enough that I wouldn’t feel the late night I’d just gone through. Gingerly changing his diaper like it was a delicate operation where I’d break my son with the slightest miscalculation soon became holding him firmly in place while I worked around his all-too-powerful limbs to change his diapers with the foulest of odours.

While the name of the game has changed and my fully mobile child keeps me plenty occupied with his antics, the struggles we face at each stage are a rite of passage for any Dad — a rite that comes with a hefty price tag.

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GIVEAWAY POST: Johnson’s So Much More — or — How I Learned to Stop Slacking and Love Bath Time

I’ve never been a huge fan of bath time, but I’m warming up to it!

In Casa de Palmer, when dinner’s done you have a choice — you either wash the dishes or give the baby a bath. Perhaps in search of what alone time I can find, I often choose dishes, unwinding after the work day and all its stressed.

But that’s stupid — I’m making the wrong choice every time, and deep inside, I know it.

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GIVEAWAY POST: The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S and Pop 7 — Two Devices to Help Consumers Out of a Digital Stone Age

I think I need a new phone.

Maybe it’s the way it only charges when propped up at just the right angle thanks to its damaged microUSB port, a port that’s ever so fragile on just about any device it graces. Maybe it’s the times when the phone randomly restarts, or spontaneously ejects the microSD card, or decides that the device memory is corrupt, requiring a battery pull to get it working again. Maybe it’s the fact that technology moved so fast these days that despite winning the phone at the end of 2012, it’s already several generations old, an ancient relic of a time when “4K” was only the price tag for that shiny new MacBook Pro you coveted from the Apple Store. Or maybe — just maybe — it’s a sign that it’s time to try something new, and fortunately, I got the opportunity to do so!

Because My Phone is My Lifeline.

I run my tech into the ground.

Ever since my first Nokia brick phone back in ’02, I’ve taken my phones to their limit before replacing them. The BlackBerry Bold whose letters rubbed off of its keys from all the vigorous texting. The Motorola C350 whose screen eventually stopped turning on — probably for the best, though, with my friends always trying to drag me out at all hours of night.

Time and again, I rocked phones that wound up getting… well, rocked… and with the sad shape my current Samsung Galaxy S III is in, I’m on the hunt once more for a device that can keep up with the ever-expanding demands on my #BloggerLife! Hearing my plight, Bell and TELUS stepped up to see if they could help with the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 S smartphone and the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet!

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The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — Dear February: Goodbye and Good RIDDANCE.

Sorry, I can't go to work tomorrow I fractured my motivation.
Thanks, Li, for sending this one my way!

Dear February,

You were a real pain in the rear, you know that? With temperatures plunging into the negative 30s, the blogosphere in a quiet lull as the influencers hibernate, and motivation at a standstill as the deadly winter saps the life from everyone it touches, you’re only four weeks long, but easily one of the hardest months to endure.

January was so promising, too — I hit up the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship with TELUS and learned much about my nation’s love for hockey; relaxed as I segued into a trip to Cuba that temporarily got my mind right enough to write Dat Varadero, Doe, written after some much-needed reflection and change of pace from my hectic life here in Toronto; and felt like a new me after shedding the skin of a 2014 Casey Palmer who very much felt like he’d sold a bit of his soul for a taste of success. If you sat down for a chat with January 31st Casey Palmer, you’d be talking to a guy full of hope, confident the year ahead would bring amazing things, and all he needed to do was put pen to paper and keep doing all the things he was doing.

That changed all too quickly when Toronto was hit by a storm bad enough to cripple the city for a day, setting the tone for a winter with no one all that enthusiastic to deal with it.

CONTINUE READING: It took a week and a half to write it, but here’s a solid February wrap-up with a lesson!

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