Casey Palmer x Quaker Canada Present — “Goodness Starts Today” Part Two: So Long, and Thanks for the Sandbanks

Growing up, the most my family dealt with the outdoors was around our Mississauga neighbourhood with bike rides by the Credit River, or horsing around with our friends at the nearby park when we weren’t too busy with cartoons or video games. Some reasons for this were obvious — even as a Black family without a huge Black community surrounding us, it still wasn’t “something we did”, spending what vacation time my parents could cobble together on other local attractions, like Niagara Falls’ Marineland or Vaughan’s Canada’s Wonderland.

Casey Palmer x Quaker Canada Present — -Goodness Starts Today- Part Two So Long, and Thanks for the Sandbanks — Palmer Family Visits Jamaica c 1998I mean, sure we changed it up sometimes — we spent time at Myrtle Beach with our aunt and took a family trek down to Jamaica to better appreciate where our parents came from, but we were city kids. We knew bus stops and suburb blocks, shopping malls and streetcars… we grew up with the frenetic pace of The Big Smoke, thinking that was just how life was supposed to be.

Sarah, however, sees different.

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The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — The #BloggerLife, Thirteen Years Later

“This is a funny subject, just because none of you even know me. Not yet, anyway. The name’s Casey Palmer, and I’m at one of those pivotal points in my life right now. It’s the last summer before first year of university. Amidst all the limited bursts of fun and trying to save up to cover tuition, my mind has been filled with more thoughts than I’m used to.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who may stumble across this journal, I’m sure it’ll prove to be more interesting in the future, filled with intergalactic thoughts and timespanning opinions, but until then, we’ll have to wait and see, no?”

— Casey Palmer’s first online journal entry, dated August 13, 2002, tagged with “intro” and done while listening to Amerie’s “Need You Tonight”

Several years deep in this journey as a blogger, I’m finally appreciating what things look like through the eyes of bloggers who started this scene almost a decade ago. At times, it feels like I’m rehashing ideas I’ve already put out, trying to keep original despite the wealth of content I’ve already produced. I remember back when I just started with the blog, trying to show I was bigger and badder than anyone else, looking to convince the world why my blog was worth their notice. After years of hustling, 2015 Casey’s got a whole different set of problems, constantly looking for better solutions to handle them.

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GIVEAWAY POST: “Goodness Starts Today” — How Quaker Canada Got Me Thinking About Family Life in a City That Never Sleeps

Here in The Big Smoke, we too often wear our busy lives on our sleeves like badges of honour, losing sight of what’s real and important in the endless pursuit of material wealth. I know this — I’ve been there; I spent much of my 20s in an endless haze with my banker buddies as we filled our lives with lavish meals, top-shelf liquor, and parties at hot spots well outside my pay scale. I was busy living life, yes… but with all these fleeting things I couldn’t hold , making me no greater a man than I’d started before emptying my wallet time and again.

It took me entirely too long to appreciate that life is about the time we spend with the people we love, and we need to spend more time living for these moments while they’re still here. Not tomorrow, not next week — today, whether it’s a phone call, a visit, or anything that you can all look back on years from now with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart!

Since becoming a Dad, I’ve only appreciated this more, I’m lucky compared to many parents I know in the GTA — with a 20-minute commute to work and daycare a hop, skip and a jump away from home, I spent at least a few hours a day with my wife and son as we play, read and eat together… something many of my peers don’t really have the luxury to do. Though we definitely spend more time kickin’ it in our neighbourhood than we do doing anything extravagant, we take each day as it comes and make the most of them, because why live a life filled with regret?

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32 Things I Know Now That I’m 32: #12 — Whine Doesn’t Age Well With Time.

I’ve simply got no time for whining.

It’s everywhere these days — I mean, we’re all struggling. The world’s not an easy place to live in, constantly poking and prodding us to see just what we’re made of. The number of us living any kind of life that could be called “comfortable” is rapidly decreasing, leaving a general unease you can feel no matter where you are.

But it’s not the problems you have — it’s what you do about them.

32 Things I Know Now That I'm 32- #12 — Whine Doesn't Age Well With Time — Exasperated CaseyI know that if just spent my time whining about my problems, my life would look a lot different.

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The Life and Times of Casey Palmer — Who Will Save Your Soul?

“When██ hit the fan, is you still a fan?!”
— Kendrick Lamar, “Mortal Man”, To Pimp a Butterfly (2015)

I’ve felt lost for a bit with the #BloggerLife, rummaging deep within for something valuable to write about, but keep coming up short of anything that feels… complete.

There’s plenty I should be doing with the world I’ve built around myself — perfecting my media kit, cleaning up the redesign, getting rid of the stacks of half-finished blog posts cluttering my dining room table — but I’ve never felt so scattered, with all these things to do but no clue where to start, blindly jabbing in the dark, looking for that one idea that’ll reignite my flame and get me blazing through all this glut that’s clogged my brain.

It’s almost like for all the success I’ve had with years of effort invested into my craft, I’ve finally hit a wall so big that my usual tricks aren’t slick enough to overcome it.


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