Leaning In On Gender Equality with Lean In Canada’s Men Lean In Panel!

I was recently invited to join a panel of men speaking on gender equality at Lean In Toronto, a networking group for professional women with its origins in Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In!

Taken from their website,

Lean In Toronto is a group of professional women seeking to grow their careers by networking, learning and sharing experiences in a positive, enriching environment.

With a dominantly female audience of nearly 200 strong, being the first representatives of our gender of panelists in this forum shouldered responsibility for showing that we could bring value to the discussion, but the evening ahead would determine whether we were the right men for the job.

And the night went better than I could’ve ever expected.

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THE MONTHS OF ‘BER — Why I Write: Getting Back to Basics!

Sometimes you need to clear everything out to find some breathing room.

Things are cluttered in the Life and Times of Casey Palmer right now, constantly busy without feeling like I’m getting anywhere at all.

RIP Canute Martin 1937-2014 #Grandpa

Work’s frenetic, with a haphazard project that rarely affords me time to think, much less work on the deliverables I’m assigned; my grandpa lost his battle against cancer on November 22nd, succumbing to the illness after months spent withering away; and when I wasn’t dealing with these, I practiced my role as a family man, constantly doing whatever I could to make life perfect for my wife and kid.

But there’s always more to do, always somewhere to be. It’s like we say at my job — good work gets rewarded with more work. You’re constantly on the grind, eventually realizing this time you spend being all the right things for all the right people leaves little time, space or energy for you to just do you — for me that meant the #BloggerLife I’d built these past years and the hours of work I usually dedicate to it.

With everything going on, blogging just felt impossible.

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Protect Ya Tech with Inateck!

I have entirely too much stuff.

In my lifetime, I’ve likely lost more than some will gain, carrying too much on my person to notice when something goes missing.

As a teenager, I lost the same wallet 8 times (somehow getting it back each time); the first time I went to Chicago, I’d misplaced my passport, camera and wallet over a 4-day trip… honestly, you’d think Where’s Waldo was my autobiography.

Which is exactly why it’s all gotta go.

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Junia-T’s “Eye See You” — Saving Toronto’s Hip-Hop Scene from ITSELF.

“A brova too smoove
Old soul living in this new school…”
— Junia-T, “Too Smoove”, Eye See You (2014)

Except for a notable few like Kardinal Offishal, Maestro Fresh Wes, and of course, Drake, Toronto’s hip-hop scene has been trouble for a while. Despite its share of local hits getting heavy club rotation in the 90s and early-naughts (who can forget how deep we lived the riddim culture for a while?), it’s been steady underground for all these years.

You can tell a Toronto beat from a mile away — slightly unpolished, simple, sound like it’s a throwback from decades ago… we’re unable to keep up with the times, breeding a crop of rappers who just can’t make the grade.

Fortunately, that’s not true for everyone.

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THE MONTHS OF ‘BER: Jeux Sans Frontières — Playing the Young Peoples’ Game

“Aiyyo, I’m slippin’, I’m fallin’, I can’t get up
Aiyyo, I’m slippin’, I’m fallin’, I can’t get up
Aiyyo, I’m slippin’, I’m fallin’, I gots to get up
Get back on my feet so I can tear **** up.”

— DMX, “Slippin'”, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998)

Sometimes you need to take a real honest look at yourself.

As 2014 ends, I’m sitting on a stack of ideas, my backpack a few notebooks deep weighing more than the weight of their pages — it’s the weight of their potential that holds me down.

I’m older now, feeling my way through a young person’s game. My bones creak, I don’t bounce back like I used to — a younger generation came into the blogosphere, leaving us 30-something bloggers feeling like yesterday’s news. They run Vine. They run YouTube. With so many channels I’ve never considered, seeing content go from 30-minute blog reads to 3-minutes YouTube videos — when Vines are seconds long but rack in millions of views, you know things done changed!

While I’m still loyal to the Twitter and Facebook audiences I’ve grown over time, these platforms are past their prime. Zach Bussey compared Twitter’s rise and fall to a zombie apocalypse, everyone’s Moms got themselves Facebook accounts — the end is nigh and content creators need to ask themselves some questions: what do they want to gain? Why do they still blog? Will they change to keep up with the times, or are there other things they should do with their time?

And that last question’s exactly what I’m trying to answer every day I’m on the grind.

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