Where all the Dad Bloggers At?!

I’M NOT DEAD, I’M JUST A DAD: Where The Dad Bloggers At?

In the vicious wild of the blogosphere in a creature mighty impressive, but rarely seen. He’s ferociously protective of his young, carving out territory to tell their tales without overexposing them to the dangers of the world. He creates for his peers that may never see his craft, more likely to follow sports teams and tech trends than they are tales of families and minivans. The Dad Blogger is very real, very vocal, and though small in number, are a group of bloggers you’d better keep eyes on for the future!

The Rare Beast of the Blogosphere: The Daddy Blogger

The Mom Bloggers are a reckoning force, hundred if not thousands in number here in Canada alone, having built solid distribution channels through sites like Parent Tested Parent Approved, Mom Central Canada and the Yummy Mummy Club. Many other breeds of blogger love to hate on them, seeing their success with Brand Ambassadorships, Twitter parties and vast social media metrics, wondering why they can’t have a piece of what the Mom Bloggers have cultivated for themselves. And not only have Moms gotten together to form a blogging ecosystem unto their own, the mother as the classic parental figure lends itself well to the medium, providing plenty of opportunity for sharing on similar experiences, whether they’re birth stories, breastfeeding or the barrage of emotions included with a child’s milestones like their first steps or that fateful morning you drop them off at daycare.

But Moms aren’t the only parents — Dad Bloggers do exist, even if there’re only a handful of them.

Daddy and Son at Play

Most male bloggers I’ve come across aren’t fathers, and of the ones who are, they often don’t blog on their fatherhood experience. The guys I know blog food, they blog tech, they blog on all these things that society deems “masculine”, but the joys, trials and lessons that come from fatherhood aren’t a topic often discussed around the digital water cooler.

So far, I’ve tracked down just over 30 Canadian Dad Bloggers (aka “Daddy Bloggers”, or my personal favourite, “Father Bloggers”). 30. 30’s a mid-scale blogger event in Toronto. 30’s an average attendee number at a popular Twitter chat. 30’s a group, but it’s shockingly small for the size of a niche that spans a nation!

A quick look at the 2011 Canadian census would have us expect 2,054,645 fathers across Canada, yet 99.99853989% of them are oddly silent with their stories.

Where are the fathers? If they’re not sharing their stories online, where are they sharing them?

Where the Daddy Bloggers At?

While I’ve yet to solve this mystery, what I can tell you is that Canadian Dad Bloggers have started getting the word out. Listed below are the small battalion of bloggers we’ve assembled thus far with an idea of their reach across the Internet to show they’re no slouches. I encourage you to reach out and get to know them — with kids of varying ages and living in very different locations across the nation, they’ve all got very different stories to tell, sharing them in different ways.

Check it out!

BlogAuthorLocationKlout ScoreFacebook FansTwitter FollowersYouTube SubscribersInstagram FollowersGoogle+ Views
Art of DadJason ThompsonToronto, ON27139
Big Daddy KreativCraig SilvaOakville, ON664,46246,50034,7263,997
Calgary DaddyShane ByciukCalgary, AB353341,1992154,241
CanadadNick CheesemanToronto, ON48951,2161165291,963
Canadian DadChris ReadOttawa, ON632,6467,8273353736,190
Casey PalmerCasey PalmerToronto, ON723693,4648668486,951
Curious Dad1Chad SkeltonVancouver, BC584,108
Dad CampBuzz BishopCalgary, AB618023,567171297,090
Daddy BloggerRicky ShettyVancouver, BC771,5196,9643891,057596,196
Enviro DadEric NovakAjax, ON493871,1301652,667
Fathering from HomeOliver EdwardsMedicine Hat, AB4814502581,180
Fodder 4 FathersAdam DolginToronto, ON4252,0001,47192475
Home Made Dad2Jay PalterEdmonton, AB
I Used To Have HairTodd LeFurgeyHalifax, NS571,5109731,130
I’m a Hockey DadJeff RiddallBarrie, ON531,925177,366
I’ve Become My ParentsBarmy RootstockVancouver, BC416682,72005,089
Life in 140Justin ConnorsFredricton, NB6214917582054,990
Like a Dad3Michael CusdenToronto, ON583121,5821921,954
Live from WaterlooGabriel AlmadaWaterloo, ON33336
Men Get Pregnant TooKenny BodanisMontreal, QC462181,08202,395
Nerd IncognitoSean McKenzieRegina, SK2348151570
Not Another Dad BlogMark HoffbergBrampton, ON54367361,193
Puzzling PostsMike ReynoldsOttawa, ON668212,035017859,350
Shooting the BreezeKevin MartineauPort Hardy, BC4284581532,204
The Naked DadJoe BoughnerOttawa, ON633,07021,650
Two Minute Time OutDon BrackettBurnaby, BC292013423
Urban DaddyWarren OrlansToronto, ON4738140701,398
WildsauTom SedensEdmonton, AB52522,239626018,485
Work from Home DadRick DavidsonVancouver, BC46248285
Wormald WordsJason WormaldVaughan, ON1317
A Crock of SchmidtJamie Ray SchmidtCalgary, AB304614
Dad Goes RoundChris Farley RatcliffeOttawa, ON43772
Answer the Tullyphone!Matthew TullyDieppe, NB6417664508459,106
Living With Autism: A Parent's PerspectiveCarl BainbridgeMoncton, NB483,3751674135,708

1 I admit, I was on the fence about adding Chad, since he writes for the Vancouver Sun with some Dad-related posts woven in. However, our market’s small enough as is, so if he does Dad writing for a major paper, then hey — more power to him, right?
2 Jay Palter’s main social media presence is as a social media consultant, so his numbers would be skewed on fathering-related content.
3 I mean, Michael does have a YouTube, but it’s a personal one and not related to Like A Dad, so I didn’t include it here :)

Casey Speaking in Front of a Class

Perhaps it’s still too early for fathers to share their stories online. We’re only just now reaching a time where our youngest adults grew up in the Age of the Internet, and in the female-dominated world of PR, marketing and blogging, perhaps we’ll be waiting a while yet until it really catches on.

If you’re a Canadian Dad Blogger and want to get added to this list, you can drop me a line below!

Until the next,

–case p.